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Tips from a Real Estate Agent: How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Staging effectively can fetch you more money in the sale of your home

  1. Declutter

Start packing! You need to declutter to show potential buyers how much space your place has, as well as allowing them to picture their own belongings in the home and envision themselves living there. You can kill two birds with one stone by starting to pack your belongings - you not only get a a head start on packing for your move to your new home, but you also clear out space for the staging process of selling your current home. While you're packing, go ahead and make some decisions you no longer want to keep, and either trash or donate them. You'll be helping someone else by donating your belongings to a thrift store or shelter, and you'll be helping yourself by unburdening yourself with items you no longer want to have in your new home.

2. Keep it Clean

This is probably a no brainer, but your home needs to be clean. No one wants to view your home and see last night's dinner still in the sink and yesterday's towels thrown all over the bedroom floor. If cleaning isn't your thing, hire someone, and then keep it clean as long as showings are going on. Along those lines...

3. Paint, Caulk, and Make Minor Repairs

Major repairs too! But as far as staging goes, make sure your home is looking its absolute best. Clean that grout you've been meaning to get around to. Fill in any holes in the walls and give a fresh coat of paint wherever it's needed.

If you've chosen very unique colors in your home, consult with your Realtor to see if a more neutral paint color will help your home sell (it probably will). Again, if this is not something that you can do easily and well, spend money to have someone else do it for you, freeing up your time and energy to focus on other things.

4. Consult with your Real Estate Agent about Professional Home Staging

Some Realtors will have recommendations for professional home stagers, and some of them may even offer a consultation to give you some ideas for less than the price of a full staging service. Depending on your circumstances, professional staging may help your home sell faster and for more money.

As always, if you're in Northern Virginia or relocating to Northern Virginia, reach out - I would love to help you with your move. (202) 827-5069


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