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Ethical. Knowledgeable. Professional.

About Maureen and Landes Properties

I have lived in Loudoun for 30+ years. I was a teacher (high school English and the yearbook advisor, as well as some smaller roles) for 10 years. I still tutor elementary students part-time. I love gardening, landscaping, being active and exercising, enjoying my kids, and playing and teaching them the piano (when I have time!). In my whole life, I've moved 25 times, so I know how it is to move. I became a real estate agent to own a business and spend more time with my husband and kids, so I will not take on more clients than I can devote my full attention to. I will not sacrifice my service to you, so you can expect that you will have my undivided attention as a client. Additionally, I have the support of the most cutting edge resources and an international network of real estate agents at my brokerage, so you will be getting the best.

As someone who has moved approximately 25 times over the course of my lifetime, I understand how exciting/nerve-wracking/stressful/time-consuming/daunting it can be. Whatever the reason you're moving, it's probably a significant life change, and as a former teacher, I'm happy to help and guide you through the transition as your Realtor®.

Living in Loudoun for 30+ years, I am very familiar with this area, its pros and cons, the market, the ins and outs of various neighborhoods, and how traffic and the population has changed so much and continues to expand and grow. In my opinion, this is a beautiful area with lots of opportunity, but it can also be fast-paced depending on your lifestyle and what area you decide to make your home, so I'm happy to walk you through the process depending on what YOUR needs are.

As much as you're comfortable sharing, I'd love to know how did you find me? What is the story surrounding your move? For selling your home, I will ask you what it is that you love about it and what its best selling points are, so that we can best market it to the right buyers. And if we are finding you a home, of course I will want to know just what you are looking for in your perfect home.

I hope that when we're finished, you will recommend me to your friends and family. The one thing I love best about my job is expanding my network of friendly people in the community, and I hope that you are feeling great about our relationship at the end of the real estate transaction.

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